Thursday, May 29, 2014

Canvas States

Sister #2 recently moved to Michigan to start her residency with her husband of 2 years! So I asked her to share some affordable ways she was decorating her new home. She decided she would share a beautiful DIY canvases depicting home sweet homes!
On a resident budget, cute/chic/fun household decor items from crate&barrel and even discount stores like Home Goods can be depressingly pricey....So DIY projects it is!!!

Except….have you tried a DIY project???

My sisters laughed when I told them I wanted to post DIY projects on this blog. This is probably what they imagined would happen: http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-pinterest-fails/

BUT, if there’s a will, there’s a way!!! 

Canvas States:

My husband and I met in S. Korea, got married in Mexico, and have lived in Georgia, California, and Michigan! I later included Africa because my husband grew up in S. Africa and we visited the beautiful country together in 2013 and hope to be back on the continent to see other countries!

The project was easier than I thought and took a hour at most! I tried to take short cuts and save money by not buying unnecessary supplies suggested on other sites and substituting steps like-- using rolled scotch tape instead of caulk...you'll see what I'm talking about later!

Supplies needed:
- Canvas of any size
- Copy paper (for cut outs)
- Laptop/computer
- Scissors
- Regular scotch tape
- Spray paint

Step 1: I traced the states directly from my computer screen (press lightly with pen/marker when tracing) from outlines I found online on http://www.theus50.com/outlinemaps-state.php and just on Google images as well.

Step 2: I rolled regular scotch tape and placed the rolls on the back of the cut out state/country.

Step 3: I lightly pressed the taped state/country onto the canvas.

Step 4: Took my canvas outdoors where I spray painted it! (Make sure you spray paint at a 90 degree angle so you do not have paint seep between the cut-out state/country and the canvas.)

Step 5: Peel off the cut-out state/country! You may want to leave the canvas outdoors overnight so it doesnt stink up your home!

[Optional: Add a heart to the city of your choicel!]

Take that sisters!

They were pretty impressed I completed my first DIY project successfully. As my sisters would say: "If you can successfully do a DIY project, anyone can!"

Stay tuned for my next DIY project attempt!

**Make sure to find coupons at the Michael’s website for great deals and discounts on all art supplies!!!

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