Thursday, July 6, 2017

Swimming with Sharks: the truth behind the pictures

Every new year or birthday I tell myself that this is it, i'm going to blog more consistently. And then life throws you into work and (mostly) netflix tv shows and creativity takes a back seat.  So this post is wayyyy over due but I wanted to share my experience swimming with sharks in Durban before the whole thing becomes more fuzzy and I start making up how brave I was. Because after all, better late than never, amiright??

(also can I please get some claps for "re-starting" this blog again for like the tenth time??) 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Trollin the Trumpers

Yesterday in NYC there was  a protest against Trump's recent immigration ban. Being that the protest was near me, I really had no excuse to not join... so I joined. Then when I came back home, I opened up facebook and saw that the protest was trending news. I clicked, and lo and behold, one of the first things to pop up was a Fox video clip of the protest in DC. I tried to X out as quickly as I could but then my eyes wouldn't stop wandering over to the comments section.... because seriously, it's like you know something is bad for you and that just makes you want to do it even more. And let me just say... I had a blast and even learned some things.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why the Hell I'm Still in NYC

I think that everyone who comes to live in NYC can't help but at one point think to themselves... Why the hell am i here?

Sure, NYC sounds like an amazing place to live with all of its lights and glory (don't be deceived) but it's a tough place to live and every once in a while it  can really make you question your entire existence and why you decided to move to a city full of people and rats the size of cats and roaches the size of rats.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear America, We Deserved Trump and You Know It.

FYI: I usually don't talk politics on the internet because I don't feel qualified enough... but given that Trump just became president elect and he clearly has no experience, I feel more than qualified enough now to write a blog post on American politics. That, and I at least have my masters in public policy.... #overqualified

Dear America,

Now that its almost been 24 hours since I've had time to listen to others and reflect, I just want to know.... What. the. fuck. did. you. do. ?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Less than 24 Hours in Niagara Falls

I've wanted to go to Niagara Falls for awhile.... I'm not sure why the Falls trumps places like Vegas or some other fun party city (well, maybe because i act like I'm 80) but if I've learned anything during these past couple of years, it's to always take opportunities and just go with it.

So when the perfect weekend window showed up and the weather was supposed to amazing, my friend and I thought, "why the hell not? we don't got no kids, we don't got no homework, and we don't got no responsibilities." She had points to help break the cost of a rental car and we had some $$ for a hotel room.... so... carpe diem, am i right?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life as a New Yorker - Year 2

Today marks my 2nd year in New York City! Happy newyork-versary to me! It's actually the longest place i've lived since I moved out of Georgia. Yes, I was in college for 4 years, but before it turned 2 years in Baltimore, I studied abroad in Shanghai for a semester. Then, 1.5 years later I graduated. As for my masters, I moved out of Baltimore two months shy of two years.

So.. congratulations to me for living in a city for over two years! And i'll admit that not only have I grown spiritually, mentally, physically (like grown in weight), but also I've grown to become... well... more and more like a New Yorker.

Here are some changes I've noticed during my two years here... as illustrated with gifs of judge judy of course.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Saying "I Love You" Through Food

Growing up, my parents never really told me or my sisters "I love you". I actually didn't think it was weird that my parents didn't say it until I went to college and everyone would hang up the phone with, "bye mom. I love you too!" The way I end my phone conversations with my mom is usually, "okay, okay, okay" *click.

So of course when I told my friends that my parents rarely say "I love you" to me, they were all, "oh my gosh.... I'm sorry..." But then I realized that my parents do say it, they just say it in their own way. My parents version of "I love you" is..

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