Friday, May 9, 2014

Grapefruit Yogurt Recipe

During finals time, I'm always looking for something quick to make/eat and something that will fill me up. Usually I revert to vending machine chips, soda, and coffee... but Sister #2 has been talking nonstop about "flax seed" and how much it fills her up (also along with all the health benefits). So in an attempt to be healthy and nice to my body, I went  to the grocery store and picked up some organic flax seed!

I bought Bob's Red Mill brand. It was the only organic kind at my grocery store. I also got the "ground" one because its easier to eat.

Then I cut up some grapefruit, placed it on top of plain yogurt, added a bit of honey, and then sprinkled flaxseed over it! And the best part: total prep time took only 5 minutes!

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