Friday, June 12, 2015

Which Person are YOU?

I ran across a facebook post from a friend with a link of a cute, fun illustration titled: Which one are you? 

Here's a couple of more illustrations and the ones I identify with!

  • I'm definitely the person on the right. I HATE seeing numbers next to my icons. It annoys the $hit out of me to the point that I just want to touch your phone if you have unopened notifications. So next time i grab your phone, don't mind me.

  • Obviously if you like to cut your sandwiches diagonally you're automatically more fun. 

  • I don't think I have much of a choice in this matter since this all depends on your neighbors. But I will say that when I was in school, my wifi choices looked very much like the illustration on the right. But now that I live in a "grown-up" building in NYC, it looks more like the one on the left. (signs of growing up: not having the time/knowledge to name your wifi) 

  • Definitely a computer person.... but that's not my choice. That's called being poor. And the only way i can afford to watch GoT is by using my sister's HBOgo account. #poorinNYC #wheredmymoneygo #ohtorentduh 

There's a couple of more illustrations! Go check it out! :D Happy Friday!

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