Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Transforming into a "Yogi Girl"... Just Kidding.

One thing you'll notice when you ride the subway in NYC is all the girls in their yoga pants and yoga mats carrying their yoga water bottles in their yoga shirts. So naturally, because it's the "nyc thing to do", I too decided I'd try this yoga thing.

Two months ago, while perusing groupon, I found a $40 unlimited deal at yogaworks for 30 days. Signed up, kept making excuses not to go, and then finally dragged my butt for the first time yesterday. 

But before stepping into a class, I had to first choose one from a catalogue of classes. So, while grabbing my stomach fat and flipping through the different classes they have at different locations, I decided that for my first class, instead of doing a normal yoga class, I'd do a "body sculpting workout". Alright, sounds pretty good and fitness-y. I'll be 2-pack abs ready in no time. 


what. the. hell.

This wasn't your normal "oh downward dog pose then mini cobra i'm gonna do a plank here and there whatever". This was using band contraptions that you hang on the wall so that you can put your feet in, so that the only thing keeping me from falling on my face were my weak, puny arms. This was falling all over the place and the teacher pointing me out every time i stopped. 

It was like being in fat camp with a lot of fit skinny girls and the teacher yelling at you to "DON'T QUIT" while your body is screaming "NO MORE! YOU'RE NOT USED TO THIS KIND OF WORKOUT." 

Seriously at one point I almost threw up because it was so hot in there. 

And then after I had sweat dripping down and worked muscles that I was sure had permanently turned all to fat, we namaste-ed it and the 1 hour workout was done. 


I waddled home, barely able to lift my arms. And today morning I barely got out of bed. 

28 more days of classes left. Someone help. 

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