Saturday, December 13, 2014

He Just Doesn't Get Her

Couples fighting is so awkward yet so hilarious. It's amazing and funny how humans interact, especially from a third party perspective. But in the end, fighting is a bunch of miscommunication and misunderstanding and confusion about how a person can't be exactly like you. My neighbors (i believe unmarried) fight all the time.

I thought my neighbors were done-zo after he threw shoes at her and she ended up outside his apartment. Apparently they "worked" through some stuff because i saw them soon after gyming it together.

But this was seirously the conversation they had that night:
Guy: " you know, if i wanted to hit you, i would've. I played high school baseball you know"
if any guy threw something at me while we were fighting...

But i guess love? prevails all... or some sort.

Anyways, tonight they were going at it again with the arguing... which i find hilarious ALL the time because they are SUCH a dysfunctional couple (but aren't all couples in some way?). Today's argument though i thought was especially funny because i think this is a fight a lot of couples have:

Guy: THIS ISN'T NORMAL (he always says this). I just want to play on my computer for like 20 minutes.
You said we were having a low key night which means a movie and dinner. and just being in the SAME vicinity! we dont have to do things together ALL the time and be stuck at the hip! THIS ISN'T NORMAL. Seriously if i just want to go read a book or something we just need to be near each other, not doing crunches (? may have misheard this word). Like, seriously if we asked someone they would just say this is not normal.
Girl: Well waht do you want to do? do you want to ask one of your friends and i'll ask one of my friends?
Guy: Why do you think you're always right?!

It's so obvious that she's a man-eater and this guy always feels like the victim. And obviously living together isn't working for them, and obviously they have different definitions of "spending time together". And obviously the poor guy needs some alone time while the poor girl just wants some lovin' and quality time that she doesn't think she's fully getting.

** fyi: i dont intend to snoop on my neighbors. we share a wall. it's hard to not hear them fight....

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