Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Maple Ice Cream & a NYC Escape

Last labor day weekend, I remember I spent it with some children at a bbq and had a glimpse of my potential future life. This labor day, I spent it with ice cream and nature... AND IT WAS THE BEST! :)

If you haven't been to Corner of Vermont in Park Slope in Brooklyn, YOU NEED TO GO THIS INSTANT! They serve maple everything! And their maple soft serve ice cream...it's like eating super creamy syrup... but a hundred times better! They also had maple cotton candy, but I decided I'd "eat responsibly". Next time though, when I feel like going a little crazy.

Then ended the long weekend with a much needed escape from NYC to Kent Falls State Park in connecticut for a little hike and some nature loving!

Highfives for a hike well done! :)

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