Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What It's Like Being the Single Sister

The one great thing about living in NYC is that it's full of single people.

Oh, you're single and have been an adult for many years?! I'm single and i'm a new adult! 

And so it's great living in NYC because you get all this 'single power'. That's when you feel even more energized and powerful and independent because you're a single female.

BUT there's nothing like spending a week with family to reel you back to life outside single-full-NYC and remind you what it's like to be THE ONLY single person in your family. AND now that sister #2 has a baby of her own, I'm starting to notice subtle changes in the way life used to work:

  • Text messages- We sisters used to text about random life things... Now it's all baby stuff and things about the breast feeding. One time, I went to go workout for an hour and came back to more than 100 unread messages about breastfeeding. OVER A HUNDRED. I read maybe 20 of them and then scrolled to the end and just responded with this:

  • My dad sets me up with ANYONE  - My dad, who probably on the day I was born, vowed to never let me marry just any regular guy is now over enthusiastically trying to give me away. One time my dad sent me a picture of a random guy. He was the single son of another random guy that he met at the park... STRANGER DANGER.

    Seriously, gone are the days when my parents taught me what's below. Now they're like... just go with him. Actually, just please take her.

  • Family portraits- When we used to take family pictures the three of us would sit in the middle with one parent on each side, like a cute and happy family. Now...  I'm the awkward 7th wheel. Seriously, where do I sit? oh. my. gosh. do i even belong anymore??? lol jk.

     Thank God my sister has a dog because that's who I take pictures with to make it look less... #foreveralone.

  • Future talk- My parents used to nag about actual important life things, like my career. "Who are you going to become? Where are you going to find a job? What are you doing with your life?" And they would say more annoying things like, "All we want is for you to find a job, and then we won't need to worry about you".

    Lies. All lies. They ALWAYS want more.

    Now they've included this part about finding a husband and not "missing my timing". 
And lastly...
  • Alone time- I used to really hate alone time and doing things alone. Now, after seeing my sisters and a lot of their friends with children and rarely having enough time for themselves, I've learned to really appreciate my alone time. In fact, I enjoy it so much that sometimes (get ready for some confession time...) I tell my friends that I'm too busy to hang out with them when in reality I have nothing better to do but go home and watch Netflix while drinking a beer. 

So basically, even though being with family makes me feel #foreveralone and super single, I kind of like it. In fact, it's kind of awesome and amazing.

So take THAT, dad. And life.

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