Saturday, November 14, 2015

Adventuring with Mozart

Last weekend, due to a series of very fortunate events and a stellar friend who works for the NYC philharmonic, I got to see the NYC Philharmonic play Mozart at the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center.

Now before you think i'm a super refined and cultured person... the extent of my classical music knowledge only goes as far as my viola and piano days growing up as a kid (so asian, i know). But the last time I saw the philharmonic play in Central Park, it was really nice. That, and who doesn't enjoy listening to Divertimento in D major?? hahah just kidding, I didn't even know that's what it was called until last weekend.

But seriously, it's great. And a very well known piece.

So when my friend told me that I could get tickets from her, I jumped at the chance to listen to some Mozart.

Here's what I learned as a first NYC Philharmonic concert-goer.

1) Wear business casual - One of the things I was a little worried about was what to wear. Because you know, listening to the philharmonic play does sound fancy schmancy and all and you don't want to be that ONE person who missed the memo. But I will say that most people were just wearing comfortable but business casual clothes.

2) The music isn't as loud as you think - I don't really know what I expecting. Perhaps the loudness of a highschool orchestra band?? Either way, when they started, the first thought that came to mind was: "wait.. where are the speakers???!"

3) It's super quiet - No, I don't mean the orchestra. I mean the audience. It's very impolite to make even the smallest of sounds. This especially means no coughing. So in between movements, that's when everyone coughs and moves around in their seats. It's kind of funny because you know that everyone is holding everything in until the movement ends and the end of the movement is like "oh thank God i can finally breathe out loud now".

4) The farther you sit, the sleepier it will make you - When I told my mom I was going to the philharmonic, the first thing she said was "you're going to fall asleep". Surprisingly I didn't and my head was actually bobbing along to the music. But I did notice that when you're straining your eyes to see better and most of the concert hall is dim, it does tend to make you a bit sleepy. So, if you're looking to go see the philharmonic, closer seats are advised.

5) It's not boring! - I was actually expecting myself to be a little bored. But in reality, there's something majestic about watching everyone play and the conductor orchestrate everyone. In fact, for a good chunk of time, I closely watched the conductor. It's fascinating to see him work and see how different sections of the philharmonic respond. I even walked away with a new favorite instrument, the bass! But I will say that it is a little tough when concertos are 45 minutes long. seriously.

Now that I've been to the Philharmonic, would I go again? Absolutely! In fact, if you're 26 and under, there's free friday tickets!  So if I can grab one of those, i'll definitely be back again!

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