Friday, September 9, 2016

Let's Talk Kakao Emojis

It's been a while since i've written a blog post. I'd love to credit my blog absence to having such a glam NYC life that I forgot about all of yall boring people not living in the Big Apple... but that would be a complete and utter lie.

....So let's just say life got in the way.

Anyways, I was talking with my best friend on Kakao today and we were discussing how awesome Kakao emojis were. And so I thought i'd share my favorite kakao emojis that I use on a daily basis.

But wait... "what's Kakao?" asks the non-asian person. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Kakao is like WhatsApp.. but infinity times better. I actually have no idea why people love WhatsApp. They talk about it like it's this amazing app... but no. Please stop. You're just embarrassing yourself.

Try Kakao. Not only can you set it so Obama's voice is your ringtone, but you also have animated emojis, video call (yep... WhatsApp people were amazed when voice call rolled out. pffft. noobs), you can even write notes in your group, comment on the notes, send out polls AND schedule events.

So yes, if you're thinking by now ... "wow, those Koreans. They sure know how to text" then you are completely right. AND I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

The best part about Kakao is hands down the emojis. You don't have your regular little smiley face and sad face. No. It has these complete expressive emojis that literally take what is going on in my mind and places them on the screen, sans words. For example, here's a recent convo I had with a friend:

See the use of (animated) emojis that just happened?! Isn't it great?!? 

Here are a couple of my favorite that I use almost on a daily basis:

Emojis for when i'm trying to express my anger/annoyance.

Emoji for when i'm excelling at life or life is just going great (perhaps not used on a daily basis. More like once in 3 months).

Emoji for when I'm hungover or when life knocks me down. Cause they're the same thing, amiright??
Emoji for when you do something utterly stupid or when I do something utterly stupid. 

Anyways, the list goes on and on and if I lived in my perfect world, I would basically use them all the time so I didn't have to actually talk or outwardly express my feelings....because having cute little characters do them for you is obviously the most adult thing, ever. 

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