Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life as a New Yorker - Year 2

Today marks my 2nd year in New York City! Happy newyork-versary to me! It's actually the longest place i've lived since I moved out of Georgia. Yes, I was in college for 4 years, but before it turned 2 years in Baltimore, I studied abroad in Shanghai for a semester. Then, 1.5 years later I graduated. As for my masters, I moved out of Baltimore two months shy of two years.

So.. congratulations to me for living in a city for over two years! And i'll admit that not only have I grown spiritually, mentally, physically (like grown in weight), but also I've grown to become... well... more and more like a New Yorker.

Here are some changes I've noticed during my two years here... as illustrated with gifs of judge judy of course.

1. My patience has grown... shorter.
Maybe it's the hustle and bustle of New York... or maybe as some people say, it's because New Yorkers are more efficient so we don't have patience for slow things.... whatever the reason, I've noticed that i've gotten pretty impatient. Which is funny because all there are in new york are lines to wait in. hah. But no, i've gotten to the point where i'm muttering under my breath if a cashier takes to long, I leave you if you're walking too slow and I've even gone as far as yelling at tourists who walk in my way and stop randomly in the streets. Yes, i've become that person.

2. I've learned to do things alone and... I thoroughly enjoy it.
I don't think I've ever gone shopping alone or gone to an event by myself before New York. But when New Yorkers are flakey as fukkkk, you gotta learn to stop relying on people and you do you. Wait... I know that kind of sounds depressing, and it was in the beginning for me too... but then I realized I like making my own decisions and it's much more fun when I get to call all the shots. Plus, I don't know why, but being alone is actually a lot of fun and so so satisfying. Next on my list is to do a solo abroad trip.

3. I have a back up plan for EVERYTHING, especially on the weekends. 
Remember how I said New Yorkers are flakey? It's conditioned me to have a back up plan for everything. That's right. This means that when you ask me to hang out with you that day, I already have a back up plan in mind. Who you foolin?? Not this girl anymore. Plus, working has taught me that weekends are too precious to go to waste. So i might respond with a ":(" in our text messages, but really I've moved on by the time it sends.

4. I've come to hate crowds. 
It's funny because one of my friends recently moved to the city. And whenever there's a crowd she automatically gravitates towards it because she thinks there's something exciting going on or about to happen. Two years in this city and whenever there's a crowd I'm utterly repelled by it. Not going there. Nope. Gross. Nien. No. Crowds mean a lot of people, which means traffic, which means blockage, which means i'm more likely to get home later. No thank you.

Crowds, please stay away from me.
5. Nothing surprises me anymore. 
Three words- NYC subway people. Ride a subway for two years, almost every day, and you see a wide variety of things including someone taking a dump in a trashcan. Seriously, nothing out of the ordinary phases me anymore. It's kind of nice because I know that if I were to ever wear something crazy or do something weird, no one would care because it would just be trumped by the next person they see in a subway. You're crazy until someone crazier comes along. 

I can't believe it's been two years in this city. It went by so fast and I've definitely grown to be more independent (unless this is what being an adult is all about?) And I may groan and complain about living in the city and threaten to leave every couple of weeks or so to my friends... but for now this is home. And home is where the heart is. 

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