Monday, January 30, 2017

Trollin the Trumpers

Yesterday in NYC there was  a protest against Trump's recent immigration ban. Being that the protest was near me, I really had no excuse to not join... so I joined. Then when I came back home, I opened up facebook and saw that the protest was trending news. I clicked, and lo and behold, one of the first things to pop up was a Fox video clip of the protest in DC. I tried to X out as quickly as I could but then my eyes wouldn't stop wandering over to the comments section.... because seriously, it's like you know something is bad for you and that just makes you want to do it even more. And let me just say... I had a blast and even learned some things.
You know how you read something and your mind churns at 1000mph and you just want to yell "WHAT THE F**K IS THIS?!". Well that was me then. Reading these comments bubbled up something in my heart and throat and it transformed my maturity level from "almost adult" to "child". And so blaming it on that, I went and created a fake facebook profile and decided I was going to troll some of these comments. (Why not use my real facebook you say? Because i'm not dumb enough to do that. People be CRAY)

Now, before you go all "that's so immature. wah wah wah and that's so unchristian like" on me, I'd just like you to know that i know two things 1) Liberals can also be equally nasty and dumb. Yes, I'm talking to you and I'm talking about myself. We might preach messages of welcome and rights but when we cross paths with someone who is not like us, we are quick to put on our devil horns, start pointing fingers, and say some MEAN ASS things. and 2) What started off as seething anger actually transformed as I sat down to write comments back, because even though these people might write really horrible and racist things, in the end, what this is really about is people who are misinformed, don't share the same background and experiences and live in a completely different bubble (and yes, this goes the other way too).

All in all, I tried to not be too harsh and just have a little fun with it.

So here it is, a sample of my trolling comments. (please keep in mind that these comments were in response to  people protesting in DC against Trump's immigration ban. I also recognize that not all trump supporters are this horrible).

** as you can see, i have blacked out my "fake" name. It's because it's the name I use when i go clubbing and that name shall remain just as mysterious as my clubbing persona. jk. i'm embarrassed about my fake name.
**Also I am sad to say that shortly after writing these comments, facebook disabled my account. Damn you facebook.

Ultimately what did i accomplish by doing this? Probably no societal impact... but it did dial down my emotions, left me a little more enlightened and a little more knowledgable on how the other side thinks. So I actually encourage others to  take some time and read through comments that highly disagree with your values and beliefs. Yes, it might make you want to throw your device across the room and maybe pull out large chunks of hair and start screaming "GOD IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR AMERICA?!"...but after you get through all that, you really do learn a thing or two.

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