Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why the Hell I'm Still in NYC

I think that everyone who comes to live in NYC can't help but at one point think to themselves... Why the hell am i here?

Sure, NYC sounds like an amazing place to live with all of its lights and glory (don't be deceived) but it's a tough place to live and every once in a while it  can really make you question your entire existence and why you decided to move to a city full of people and rats the size of cats and roaches the size of rats.
I've been asking myself this question for quite a while... because I never had this inner desire to move to NYC to "make it" or "be a city girl". In fact, my sister lured me here because she told me "being close to family is fun". I put that in quotes because a year later she left me all alone and moved to Korea.


I really didn't think I'd last over two years in NYC. But over the last couple of months, the idea of staying for just a while longer has started to entertain my mind.... And I realize that it's really because of the people I've met in this city. Being in NYC, and being in the field that I am, has allowed me to meet so many different kinds of people -- activists ready to protest for what they believe in, those who follow their passions even if it means less financial stability, people that challenge my thoughts  about life and my faith...

So in this holiday season of gratefulness, thank you NYC for surrounding me with amazing people who teach me new things and show me even more things to be curious about. There is much to be fixed in the world and much to do in my life. And a special thanks to my coworker who not only inspires me, but graciously opened up her lovely home so that I could eat binge eat turkey and receive much needed doggy love.


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