Sunday, July 27, 2014

Doula / Dude-la

Since my sister is having a baby, naturally almost every conversation during dinner leads to a topic about babies. My sister is thinking of having a natural, no-epidural birth. Jokingly, her husband told her he didn't think she could do it! and so my sister countered back, "FINE. I NEED SOMEONE WHO BELIEVES IN ME. IM GOING TO GET A DOULA!"everyone stopped talking and stared at her. A what???

A doula: a nonmedical personnel who provides physical, emotional, nonjudgemental support along with consultation before and/or after the birth. And if you're a man, you're also known as a ... Dude-la. lol

Charging anywhere from $300-$1000 per birth, you help the woman transition into motherhood by encouraging her and knowing her "needs". In fact, online, one woman stated that she charges $900 for 2 consultations before the birth, is present during the birth, and 2 more consultations after.

wait.. $900.. where can i sign up to be a doula??! I swear i'm empathetic and encouraging! Go woman! you can do it! push that baby out! Just 10 more hours! i believe! And i promise i won't judge you when you're hormonal and crying while holding a pink, screaming thing!

I'm sure the job is actually a lot harder than it sounds like on paper, but it was just interesting to know that an occupation like this exists! Oh the things you learn with a preggers older sister.

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