Friday, August 1, 2014

Seche Vite Review

One of the things my oldest sister and I like to do, is to paint our nails. Yes, it sounds super girly, but it's a great, cheap, bonding activity, especially given that she and I are almost 8 years apart. In fact, she was the one who took me for the very first time to get my nails done... which was in college! Yep, I never got my nails done in high school for prom or for homecoming. I guess I couldn't justify what seemed like so much, back then, especially because my nails grow super fast and they always, always chip.

And so in my 25 years of life, I've gone to the nail salon a total of 4 times. Other than that, I paint them at home. And usually, the first day they look amazing (or as amazing as I can get them to look.. painting with your not-dominate hand is hard!) but then after washing a stack of dishes or two... it starts to chip. And then because life gets busy, and nail maintenance is usually the last thing on my mind.. they start to look nasty.

Actually, my chipped nails never bothered me, until I saw someone else's hands with chipped nails.. and I realized that it was hideous and other people probably viewed mine the same way.

Anyways, after years of painting my nails and not-dealing/caring about my chipped nails, my sister came back from a lunch with her friends with wonderful news: her friends swore by "seche vite" top coat. Actually, reality is, is that my sister sore that her friends sore that the top coat made their fingers look like a gel manicure, without the price and annoyingness of taking it off. And because I'm always looking for ways to beat the system... I ran to my nearest target and purchased a bottle of seche vite!

And let me tell you, it is really a game changer. It's been a full week and my nails haven't chipped at all. The bottle is a little pricey- at $10. But i guess you pay for the time you save not having to repaint your nails all the time? But, the one downside is that it doesnt look like gel nail polish.... what. i got lied to... it just looks like a regular top coat.

But despite that small problem, i plan on using it every time. It's an awesome awesome top coat. and so far i've washed a good amount of dishes, even had the knife graze my finger tips while cutting some veggies, and it's all managed to stay on with no chip!

It's like magic.

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