Saturday, October 11, 2014

Brunching in NYC

The first thing sister #1 said to me when i told her i'd like to move into NYC was "ohhh you can do brunch in the city on saturday mornings!!!!" like this was the "thing" to do. Turns out.. oh wait.. it actually is a thing. (side note: nyc is apparently brunch capital. all the cool kids are doing it. you should too)

And so with my mom visiting again, this time, i decided to treat them out to this glamorous NYC brunch that we all see on tv and movies. It was going to be like sex in the city brunch time... but with mom and sister....

And so last night i scrambled to find a good brunch place... WHICH IS THE HARDEST THING EVER.

seriously, who in their right mind pays $18-20 to have someone boil 2 eggs for you and place it over a toast??? oh right.. people who live in new york city.

So after looking at 50 brunch places i finally settled on Cafe Orlin. It got high enough remarks on yelp and it was one of the places that came up when i yelped "best brunch". That and the portions looked large and delicious in the pictures.

Today morning we shuttled out of jersey and unto this magical thing called brunch.


what is this hype about brunch?! am i doing it wrong?! the wait was sooooo long (we were told 20 minutes but really we waited about an hour) and then you get in and it's sooooo cramped.

Why hello person next to me. Yes i can hear your conversation. Oh i see you're on a first date? awkward, huh? oh hello other person holding each others hands. gross. stop. just stop. 
Honestly i dont even know what i ate because there was so much going on and i felt like i was being rushed to eat fast and leave fast.

The food was decent, but really kind of a let down. If i'm going to wait an hour to eat something, it better be f*cking delicious.
but no.

So next time one of your friends calls you and says "oh-em-geeee does brunch on saturday sound good?!?"
punch her. or him. or whoever.


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