Monday, October 6, 2014

Living in the City

Week 3 of living the glamorous life of a new yorker~ (hah!) This post is a bit outdated but here's what i've learned so far about this wonderful city that never sleeps...

1. What is color? - Forget about your pink, yellow, and any kind of colors that emit happiness and butterflies and rainbows. Everyone here wears black and brown and blue. Maybe it's the winter approaching, or maybe its just the "posh" thing of nyc. hashtag nyfashionweekeveryweek

2. Everyone runs- "What? you don't run? We're all active and we do active things like ride bikes and run on average 5 miles a day. We're also all signing up for the marathon. You should do it too, because running is awesome.
i ran a flight of stairs to catch my subway and trembled in sweat because i was so out of shape.

3. Drinks are INSANELY expensive- $16 cocktails for 10 sips? is this normal? I'm pretty sure thats how much the bottle costs.

4. New Yorkers have the subway map memorized- I was at a work happy hour and needed to know where the closest subway was. My coworker asked me where i lived and faster than google maps he started spitting out directions "if you go straight, then turn left, then a right you'll get to the subway station. you can take the 2 and then transfer at 72 to the 1 and you'll get there". wait, what? i took out google maps just to be sure. he was right. mind blown.

5. Speaking of Google maps....GM is your BFF. Seriously, what did we do when we didn't have internet??? I start panicking when i get into areas where my phone loses data. Because really, who has ever heard of asking people for directions? pfffft

6. Everyone is a hipster, including pastors- I've been church hopping and the last 2 churches i went to.. i'm pretty sure the pastors were more hipster than the kids at MICA. And that's saying a lot.

7.  Even though everything is made up of concrete and the streets have rats running around and there's trash littered everywhere, it can still be quite beautiful.
As long as you look up. Dont look down. Just keep looking up


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