Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review- A House in the Sky

When I was a kid (before college), I read on average 2 books a week-mystery novels were where it was at. Then college came along and there was no time for fun reading because you had to make time for fun drinks and not so fun studying. But now that i'm an ADULT - lololol gets me everytime- and I spend a little over 1.5 hours each day on the subway, I thought it was time to get back into reading.

Although I love the feel of paper and holding an actual book in my hand, I ended up subscribing to Scribd. It's better for my adhd mind anyways because I'm always reading paragraphs here and there, skipping around, losing interest pretty fast... Anyways, I finally found a book that I didn't want to put down. Surprisingly it wasn't a sci-fi thriller or a mystery novel, but a memoir: A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout.

[[She's also totally my #WCW (women crush wednesday) and weirdly looks a little like Kate Middleton.]]

The memoir starts off with her talking about growing up in a small town in Canada and how her love for traveling around the world developed. The book then delves into her travels around the world and the various relationships she cultivates (some friends, some lovers) abroad, her difficulties in trying to start a journalism/reporter career, and then her 15 month ordeal as a Somali prisoner where she was brutally raped, beaten, and starved.

I never thought I'd be so emotionally invested in a memoir..but these were seriously some of the thoughts running through my head while reading the book:

1) "I would love to live the carefree lifestyle of travel she led. Her life sounds awesome... minus the kidnapping"
2) "Girl, you is strong"
3) "A reporter covering war zones and hard hit areas?? ... That possibly, maybe, sounds like a thrilling next career move..."
4) "If I were captured, I would definitely NOT last a day"
5) "hmmm these are some good tips if one day im kidnapped by extremists"
6) "ugh. Nigel (her ex-lover she was captured with). Get it together and grow some balls"
7) "yup. she definitely proves mind-over-matter is a real thing that works"
8) "wait, can i be this mentally strong???"
9) "I'm totally not this mentally strong."
10) "wow I hope the US government isn't as useless as the Canadian government if I ever got captured.... hahahah. jokes. It would totally be useless"

All of my crazy thoughts aside, this is really a great book detailing some serious survival skills by a seriously awesome woman.


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