Sunday, April 12, 2015

10 Thoughts While Making Finger Puppets

Last week my sister and I put together an easter basket for the wee-little-one (my niece). It's actually kind of hard putting things into an easter basket for a kid that won't really know what to do with half the stuff in there... but one of the things i decided that would possibly be fun/stimulating(?) for her were homemade felt finger puppets! That, and, let's be real- more fun for me to make. =P

I first peaked through pinterest for directions on how to make them but then realized I don't really understand templates and i don't really like following directions. So i decided that I'd just make them up as I go (aka trial and error), only using pinterest and google images as guidance and inspiration.

As i got the hang of sewing it became faster to make. On average I would say it took 1-1.5 hours to make one- but the first 2 i made definitely took longer.  

Here are 10 thoughts that ran through my head while making them:

1) i hope to God i don't have a needle sticking out of my finger... wait i don't even know how to sew. 
2) Googling/Youtubing- how to sew by hand
3) ohhh this design looks like it would be a cute puppet! 
4) wait.. no. this is too hard. nevermind. i need a simpler idea
5) freakin. there has go to be an easier way to thread a needle! 
6) hmm this looks nothing like a bunny
7) this puppet kind of looks deformed and evil. 
8) well, whatever. it's not like she'll know what looks evil or not
9) 1.. 2.. what. i've only made 2?!?! 
10) [after the 6th one] i think i found my calling in life as a felt finger puppet maker.

Was it a success? 

She laughed, reached for them, then had fun picking them up and throwing them down....and then reached for another toy...

Don't worry. I'll make sure my hard effort doesn't go to waste. As long as i'm alive, i'll make sure she's playing with them until she's 25. 


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