Thursday, March 5, 2015

Packing for Iceland!

It's here! It's finally here! Vacation!

After 5 months of work, tomorrow i'm taking my first grown-up vacation ever! And it's going to be an icelandic adventure!

As someone who pretends to be well-traveled, this is actually the first trip I'm going to that isn't 1) a developing country 2) Korea or 3)a beach. Which means that I really have no clue what to pack because this is what i'm used to:

Packing for the beach:

Packing? Who cares about packing. It's all about the pictures on the beach anyways. must look skinny.

Packing for korea:

Clothes? what clothes? Your suitcase doesn't have room for clothes. Your suitcase needs all the room for vitamins and presents for your relatives. 

Packing for developing country:

....which clothes can i afford to throw out?...More important than clothes, I need immodium. 

So as you can see, packing for iceland has been an adventure itself! And I'm pretty sure at this point i'm Amazon's #1 customer. From purchasing a selfie stick to snow boots, i'm coming for ya iceland!

**please dont snow or rain so much while im there. And please keep your winds to a whole lot less than 40mph. Thanks.

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