Monday, May 4, 2015

Polaroid Zip Review

It's here! It's here! my polaroid zip is here! I can now print thousands of pictures and hold them in my little fingertips!

I've never pre-ordered anything in my lifetime.. but early April when i somehow (damn you google) fell upon a review of the polaroid zip, i wanted it. There's something about just holding photos in your hand and knowing that when the world goes to shit and the earth explodes and all of technology becomes destroyed... your photos will still be right there. :)

So every day, i obsessively checked polaroid's website and then FINALLY in mid-april, they were taking pre-orders. hallelujah!

And then of course i had to impatiently wait 2 weeks for it to arrive and today i finally got to use it!

BUT.. talk about anticlimactic....

Here's the rundown of the zip:

1) it's cheap: well, cheaper than what else is out there last time i checked. Most photo printers are around $150-200+, this one was $130. But the paper itself is a little pricey (about 50 cents per paper)

2) it's portable and light: probably the lightest and portablest(? lol) out there. It's the size of my palm and that says a lot because i have t-rex hands.

3) it prints pretty fast

4) hmm 2x3 is a lot smaller than i imagined...

5) the quality 1-10, 10 being the best... i would rate it a 7. It's not horrible, but it's not life-changing either. Sometimes i noticed that it would print little black specks.... like the printer didn't know what was going on and decided to fill in portions of the picture itself. Sometimes, it also looks a little cartoony. Basically the quality reminded me a lot like using a 10 year old printer, putting some photo paper in it, and printing. Except that the Zink paper doesn't smudge like photo paper does.

All in all, it gets the job done. But let me tell you... i'm not 100% sure it was worthy of the obsessive wait period + preordering + the pricey paper cost???

Current feeling- a little let down, but still excited because i finally can print photos from home. Basically i just paid for convenience. #truth.

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