Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting Ready for Adulthood

Growing up, my favorite thing about school was nothing to do with school itself but just the first day. I loved getting new notebooks and pencils and i loved buying a back to school outfit. Remember the back to school list every teacher gave out? best list ever. Sadly, since there is no more back to school for me... naturally i decided that i would just treat my first day of work like a first day of school! yay! buy ALL the things!

So here's what i'm taking to work on my first day! I hope this about covers everything!

1) a Work Bag- I needed a bag that said "im serious about my job, but i'm trendy." But i also needed a practical bag. For instance, the leather bags didnt cut it for me because knowing me, my bag will be dragged through the rain and snow. I'm also really horrible about taking care of expensive things. So i settled for a simple, black Michael Kors bag. Professional, a tad bit boring, useful, but not a total eye sore. This will do.

2) Lunch Box- The first lunch box i ever had was a Lion King hardcase square lunchbox in elementary school. Next came one of those triangular resuable lunchboxes with a hard bottom for sandwiches. And then came paper bags in highschool. I wanted a lunchbox that i could reuse but that was also soft and malleable enough to stuff into my bag. That way, in the cold winter, I wouldn't have to put my hands out to carry my lunch! Also, i'm hoping the lunchbox will motivate me to bring lunch and save some $$ and calories.

3) Reusable Water Cup- Honestly, i'm not a huge water drinker, but everyone in the non-profit world seemed to own this. So i thought, "meh, why not?"Maybe it will force me to drink more liquids or maybe it will just make me look like i belong. Also, NYC tap water is supposedly better than bottled water.

4) Meeting Notebook + Planner + Pens- The meeting notebook i swiped from my old job. It's seriously awesome with sections for "meeting objectives and things to do". And then of course a planner to write more meetings and stuff in. For some reason I just like to write everything down...probably because i love using colorful pens! #10yearsold

5) French Press + Mug- It's not that i'm a coffee snob, its just that i'm not sure what kind of coffee there will be! if any at all (you never know with nonprofits. I've worked for places where the coffee is flowing and others where you just have to go across the street to get your own)! And as for communal mugs, i am not a fan of them. So i'll be bringing my own!

6) Clear Phone Case- I decided that as a grown woman with a full time job, it was time to put away my hello kitty phone case and a get a sleek, clear, boring, spigen case.

Honestly, I'm a little bit nervous about starting work! What does one do on the first day?! How does one act?! oh jeez, i just pray they don't think im an idiot. It's just like having back to school nerves :)

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  1. This seriously made me laugh so hard: "Honestly, i'm not a huge water drinker, but everyone in the non-profit world seemed to own this." It's SO TRUE!


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