Sunday, September 14, 2014

My First Stab at Changing a Diaper

Now that i'm an aunt (huzzah!) today i changed my first diaper! Kind of. sort of? okay not really. But it's a learning process!

A started crying and my sister who was napping asked "can you change her?" And i said "sure!" So i placed A gently on the changing table and undid her diaper...

"uhh how do you know if she peed?"
"a line shows up on the diaper" (who ever invented that is genius. props to you)
"mmm. it smells like pee"
"she probably peed"

And then i started the process. I grabbed the wipes and started to reach over to lift her out of her dirty diaper....

and then i screamed.

a burst of yellow gooey nastiness came out and my heart literally stopped. A stopped crying and looked at me with wide open eyes as if she sensed my terror.

"omg omg she pooed!"
"Close the diaper and just let her poop more!"
"I DID close it!"

And then it was like A realized what she did and started crying. Actually she probably cried just as anyone who sits in their own poo would. Thank God my sister came in and took over. I guess i didn't REALLY change the diaper. But it was an attempt. please, i'm only 25.

So here's the two takeaways i learned about changing diapers:
1) for a girl, wipe from front to bottom. That's because you dont want any poo getting into her hooha and causing infections. In grossness that she was sitting in her own poo, i grabbed a wet wipe and started wiping as much as i could starting from the butt. My sister yelled at me.

2) Always have a clean diaper ready. Honestly, when a little being poops, the first thought isn't to grab a clean diaper. it's to panic that she pooped. ugh. never place me in stressful situations.

So, to sum up my diaper changing experience.. this is all i could think of.

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