Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crazy Beliefs From Korea :)

Sister #1 is total obedient, first child syndrome to the max, kind of person. which means that after she had her baby, she's abiding to several of the korean post-baby delivery rules. As i was explaining to my coworker some of these traditions, we got into the topic of other weird beliefs from around the world. And surprisingly, some of the beliefs from AFrica and Korea were similar! Anyways, as a Korean, I thought i'd share some crazy korean beliefs.

Did you know?:

1. After having a baby, it isn't good for the women to be exposed to cold air. They believe that the joints should be kept warm because the women went through intense physical changes during her pregnancy. This includes not opening refrigerator doors. (and yes, my sister follows this rule. I half think she does it to order me around)

2. Clipping your nails at night is bad luck. (yep, my dad definitely yelled at me one time for doing this).

3. Whistling at night is thought to bring the snakes out

4. 2 words- fan. death. My mom is a firm believer in this.

5. Before an important exam, it's good luck to eat sticky foods so that the material you learned will stick to your brain.

6. You're not supposed to give shoes as a present to your significant other. Or else they'll "run off" or cheat on you!

7. Shaking your legs will make you unlucky. My mom ALWAYS yells at me for shaking my legs. She says i'm "shaking off the luck"

8. Dreaming about a pig is REAL good luck. Get ready for some moneyyyy

9. When you lose a tooth, you're supposed to throw it up on the roof. I'm not sure why this is...but i asked my mom if that's what she did with our teeth after she slipped us $1 under our pillows. She said she did.

10. You should never write someone's name in red. Because you know, red is like blood.

Yes,  I know most (okay fine, all) of them are ridic. But i think it's kind of cool that these beliefs exist. They're quirky and fun and funny.

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