Saturday, August 2, 2014

Car Emergency Tools You Should Always Carry

Yesterday, sister #1, who is preggers, was stuck in a flash flood when her car started flooding and she couldn't get out. Talk about scary...Her car ended up flooding all the way past her hip! And then, during the winter, my mom was stuck in her car for almost 8 hours when atlanta became paralyzed due to a sprinkle of snow and ice.  And so I decided to research and make a list of items everyone should have in their car for weather related emergencies!

Items you should always have with you (compiled after looking through many suggestions):

1) bottles of water
2) a warm blanket
3) a shovel- to shovel yourself out of snow / maybe to break a window to get out?
4) jumper cables
5) nonperishable snacks
6) flashlight + extra batteries
7) duct tape
8) a whistle
9) siphon- Just in case you need to borrow some gas from someone
10) First aid kit
11) Scissors- to cut yourself out of your seatbelt!

There were other things too like.. a change of clothes.. or a tire pressure gauger.. a remote radio..even flares. But if you need those, then you must not live close to civilization and I can't help you there.

One thing my mom thought she needed to put in the car, after being stuck in it for 8 hours was an empty millk jug cut in half.. so she could pee. she makes me laugh. but really, that may not be a bad idea.

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