Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tattin It Up??

So now that i've found a job, I can proudly cross off "Find job" in my "Life Goal To-do List". Which means I can hopefully move onto goal #2: Get a tattoo.

Goal #2 has been on my mind for a while... like 3 years. And i've been putting it off for a number of reasons:

1)  I don't know where to get it- I definitely don't want to get it anywhere where the skin will stretch/sag.. so no stomach, no arm, no thigh, no butt. Could you imagine having a smiley face turn into a frown because your skin sagged? Or a small flower that blossoms because your belly grew?? worst ever. So far, I think i've decided that behind the ear would be a safe place...

2) My Friends- Some have been supportive and some have looked at me wide-eyed with a.. "NO! Are you sure you REALLY want it?! It's going to be there FOREVER. This is a permanent LIFE decision!!!! " And after much thought, here's what i have to say to that...
hehe jkjk

3) My mom would kill me- Yes i'm 25. And yes, i still listen to my mom. I hope to one day be able to also instill fear in my children until they are far beyond child rearing age. However,  I have slowly started to implant the idea of a tattoo into her head by bringing it up every time i see her. I've also decided that if she continues to say no, then i'll do what i did when she told me i couldn't pierce my cartilage.. or my additional ear piercing... do it and then tell her i did it. or also just wait until she discovers it.

4) My paranoid doctor sister- Ever since sister #2 stepped into medical school, she has become paranoid about life and germs and diseases and infections. She's so paranoid that whenever sister #1 and i go to get pedicures, she makes a stink about contracting foot fungus. And so of course, for her, getting a tattoo means also the possibility of getting a nasty infection, inflammed skin, etc etc. Which means that i've been googling "tattoos gone wrong infection"(worst idea ever). But you know what?? guess who has health insurance now biatch! score.

So all in all, after 3 years of mulling over whether or not i should get a tattoo... i figure that 25 is a good age to get it. After all, I am a working, "grown up", woman and i think it might be time to be the bad a$$ girl God intended for me to be.

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  1. You should do it! I have 2 and have never regretted it. Tell #2 not to worry about germs, just go to a clean, reputable place and you'll be fine!


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