Friday, August 8, 2014

NYC Restaurant Week- Review of DB Bistro Moderne

Because my mom is visiting, sister #1 decided to treat us out to lunch during NYC 's restaurant week! Seriously, it's so awesome having a sister that works (sister #2, if you're reading this, hurry and make some of that doctor money!) Anyways, after a week of deciding where the best place to go to was, we settled on "db bistro moderne", french cuisine! oui,oui! So here goes my very first restaurant review!

First thing i noticed... nyc restaurants are tiny and loud! it probably also didn't help that we went during prime time lunch time and there were a lot of people in business suits talking about business things. For me, i'm not a big fan of super loud places.  [Side note: dim lighting also bothers me! I like to CLEARLY look at what i'm eating!]

Because we were there for restaurant week, we had limited choices, which i don't mind at all.

Appetizers: a cold-tomato based soup, apple fennel salad, or a charcuterie tasting. 
Main course: fish, pasta, or steak
Dessert: cornbread+sorbet, layered pb chocolate cake+caramel icecream, assortment of cheeses

I got the charcuterie, steak, and layered pb chocolate cake+ caramel icecream. And because we're korean and we love sharing and eating each other's food... I got to taste all of the other appetizers, main dishes, and desserts (minus the cheese. who eats cheese for dessert??oh. the french).

 APPETIZER:CHARCUTERIE REVIEW--Honestly, i had to look up what this was on google. It said "assortment of meats" and so i legit thought i would be getting some delicious cured meat... but no. i got this canned tuna+spam concoction with 3 slices of bread. The best part about this appetizer: the mustard. If i could do it all over again, i'd go with the soup. The salad was nothing special and just tasted like.. salad.

MAIN COURSE: FLANK STEAK REVIEW: this was okay. nothing phenomenal. The meat was actually really tough. My jaw certainly got a work out. The best part of the dish was... the corn. The pasta was pretty okay too... but i don't like paying exorbitant amounts of money for pasta that i can make at home. And the fish... well lets just say that my mom's fish tastes better. If i had to do it again, i'd still get the steak. But then again, i probably won't do it again. 

DESSERT: CHOCOLATE PEANUT GATEAU REVIEW: This was probably the best part about the menu! The dessert was so delicious. It was overly sweet.. but still yummy in my tummy. I also had a bit of my mom's sorbet and cornbread and thought it was absolutely fresh and delicious. If i had to do it again (which i wont..) i'd get the cornbread+sorbet.

Also, the portions are small. As a girl i was just satisfied, but i dont see how a guy could be. When i saw my appetizer i thought "WHAT IS THIS? IS THIS FOOD FOR ANTS?"

Basically, if i were a food connoisseur and people cared about my rating... i would rate the food here a B. Nothing blew my mind, it wasn't bad.. but it wasnt good.. it was pretty though?

In the end, i think i'm more of a hot dog+burgers+mcdonalds type of girl. Fancy dishes, schmancy dishes. 

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