Friday, August 29, 2014

My Virgin Hair Lost its Virginity

This past summer, for some odd reason, highlights in my hair have been on my mind. But i've been putting it off because when it comes to my physical appearance, i stick to what i know. I don't like going outside of my comfort zone and "experimenting" But with sister #1's urging and her telling me, "YOURE YOUNG! THIS IS WHEN YOU SHOULD DO IT!" I finally decided that I would try something new.

After calling several hair salons and based on recommendations, i decided to go to a korean salon (lets be real, korean salons are the way to go- they know my hair) called Blu Marz and made an appointment with a lady who's a specialized hair highlight person.

First things first, she tussles my hair and asks, "is this virgin hair???"
"what..? yes? i've never dyed it before? i've gotten multiple straight perms but thats it".
"this is virgin hair"
virgin hair? thats a thing? awesome.
My virgin hair

then she handed me a large book with little fake hair color samples and asked me to choose what i wanted.
If anyone knows me, i SUCK at making decisions. Especially when it comes to changing my appearance. So i just stared at the samples.. stuck strands of my hair awkwardly next to this HUGE book while asking my sister what she thought. She was absolutely no help. useless.

In the end, I waited until the lady came back to ask for her expertise opinion. Actually, she over heard me and my sister talking about her hair and asked if that was the color we were looking for. SO then i took a clump of my hair and stuck it next to hers and then said... "sure? i guess this looks okay? i dont know.....i just want natural highlights. but not so natural that it doesnt look like i didn't get it!" I also told her that i wanted highlights so that i could easily manage it when it grew out and i wouldn't have to get touchups every time.

she probably hates customers like me.

In the end we decided to go for her shade of orangey-red. And then she said because i have virgin hair, she would have to go a bit lighter to achieve the right look. okay. i am putting my physical appearance trust in your hands. do what you will to my hair and basically MY LIFE. i have no idea what i'm talking about.. i sure hope you know what YOU'RE doing.

And then she started. She first snipped away at my heavy hair to give me a lighter look and then started using so much tin foil because i still had that much hair left.

3 people working on my hair because i have so much
And then about 1.5-2 hrs later..

I had so much tinfoil on my hair, i felt like i was contacting my home planet. Or as my friend replied when i sent him this photo: "i guess you get HD channels now". BUT I HAD SO MUCH FUN.

After washing it out, for a second, i was a bit afraid i couldnt see the highlights. But then the stylist assistant told me "don't worry, you can see it. we did not just spend 3 hours on your hair so you can't see it." hahaha sorry i have so much hair =/

And so .. voila! after almost 3.5 hours in the salon!
my no longer virgin hair

You know what the best thing about getting your hair done is though? the mind blowing conversations you have with the stylists.
Me: So...what would you say my natural hair color is like?
Her: your hair is very black.
Me: what? really? No... i dont know... i thought it was like a bit brown...
Her: no no no no no you have very black hair.

Here's another conversation towards the end after she blow dried my hair.
Her: do you pluck your white hair out?
Me: what? never.... why?
Her: oh because theres some short white hair strands...
Me: oh.. yeah i mean i've plucked out a strand or two....OMG DO I HAVE A LOT OF WHITE HAIR?!

AND that was my first experience getting highlights.

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