Monday, August 11, 2014

Pretending to be Cultured at the Guggenheim

My mom loves art museums, mainly because she studied art and is an artist herself! And since she's visiting NY where a plethora of art exhibits exist, we decided to take her to one! Although she really likes modern art, she'd already been to MoMA on one of her previous NY visits, and so we decided to take her to the guggenheim. In her words, "oh! that museum! i saw it in my art books!" Done. 

We decided to go on Saturday because the Guggenheim offers a "suggested donation, pay as you want" deal from 5:45-7:45. Last tickets though are sold at 7:15. Otherwise, going on any other day, you have to pay $22. And as someone who thinks most artists are cray cray, no thank you. By the time we arrived at 5ish, the line was wrapped around the block!

We actually started from the top and made our way down. Which is smart because walking up hill is so much harder than walking downhill...lazy girl problems. But also there wasn't much traffic starting at the top. The exhibit going on was "Italian Futurism". I don't know much about art, but it was basically a lot of guns and people and shapes and fighting and boring. 

But this right here is one of the few paintings i really enjoyed (if you're wondering, the guggenhiem has a strict no-photo rule. But i'm a ninja! hiya! Actually though, some people took out their ipads and took pictures....they're ninja masters). Ugh, i tried to look interested and cultured, but out of the gazillion pictures, i only thought a handful were awesome. And then we stumbled upon a small modern art section.. i kid you not one of the "modern art" was 4-5 tv sets facing each other in a circle. that is not art. that is moving furniture. And then another was a room filled with large translucent-colored geometric shapes. That's not art. That is kids toys placed in a room.But my favorite one was where there were 5 or 6 cymbals tied up and you got to bang on it. THat is not art. That is noise and annoyingness.

In summary, the museum was okay. it was a lot of walking and feet hurting and guard dodging. Again, i tried to be cultured but failed miserably and now i've met my art museum quota for the year. yipee~ 

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