Sunday, August 17, 2014

My First Massage Experience- Deep Tissue

A couple of days ago, before my mom left for back home, my sister  decided she would treat me and our mom out to some relaxin massage time. Ive never gotten a professional massage, but my friends have talked about how relaxing it is and my sister raved about how awesome it feels afterwards... and i've gotten some from friends and it felt good! So okay. fine. convinced. lets go.

The spa wasn't a fancy place but the price was very very good for an hour long deep tissue massage and came highly recommended personally and on yelp ($35). There were several different choices but I decided to go for the whole body + 10 minutes of hot stone treatment. Here's what I learned about massages

1) You are supposed to strip down to just your underwear.
I actually knew this going into my massage because my sister told me. But yet, still, I was confused when i entered the small massage room.. mainly because the lady who spoke little English kept pointing to the clothes rack then the table. I didn't see the sheer sheet I was supposed to cover myself with until the third time she pointed. Good thing i kept looking at her confused because i wouldve just laid there in my underwear waiting for her to come back in

2) You place the sheet over you... not like a burrito.
 When she left me to undress I picked up the sheet and then wondered if i was supposed to wrap it around like a burrito, or like i was going to bed, or what. I decided to be on the safe side and be a burrito. I was wrong.

3) It hurts.
Yeap. the deep tissue massage left me with some bruises on my lower back. I should've told her that it hurt, but i kept remembering how my one friend said "the more it hurts the better!" so i didn't say anything. I shouldve though. Sometimes i even grabbed on to the sheet because it hurt.

4) There was some yoga going on, on my back.
I swear at one point the lady was using her hands to balance her entire self on my back. Like a semi-handstand. it was crazy~

5) There are no boundaries.
The lady sure did like massaging my butt! I feel her going towards my back and then all of a sudden she's kneading my butt like she's getting ready to make some pizza! I was a bit shocked but i later researched it and found out that butt massages are very beneficial. Who knows.

6) Hot stones are amazingggg
Its like its super hot and then it feels good. And then she turns the stone over and its super hot again but then it feels so good. It was really awesome. like.. really really awesome.

7) She basically massaged my front too....
The last 2 minutes she told me to turn around and then she massaged my upper chest and even my stomach. I thought it was a little awkward... but... she's a masseuse, i'm a client.. wait, did i just get violated??? ....

And finally,

8) You're supposed to drink a lot of water afterwards.
Massaging helps with blood circulation and knots can slow down blood circulation to certain areas. So after a massage, you're supposed to drink a lot of water and pee.

Overall, it was a very interesting experience. I think a second time would be more enjoyable given that now...

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  1. It's good to hear that you found your first massage to be a pleasant one. A bad first experience is often the cause of people not going back for another session, even at the cost of discomfort. Luckily, your sister told you what to expect during massages. I really enjoyed reading your post, especially when you mentioned that the lady was in some kind of a semi-handstand on your back. Anyways, I hope you have a better experience on your subsequent visits. Thanks for sharing it to us. Take care!

    Hattie Perry @ VancityMassageTherapy.com


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